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Cheap Webhosting Review – Don’t Join Any Host Till You Read This

Jackpot crossing arcade gameHello there, and welcome to my roulette verdoppeln casino website.

If you’re after information about the best and cheap webhosting service for you you’ve come to the right place. My cheap webhosting review is really going to help you get started with the RIGHT, yet VERY affordable, webhost. Gone are the days when you had to spend a small fortune if you wanted to host sites online. You can now get some truly fantastic packages for just a few dollars a month….

webhosting review Hi there, my name is Colleen Slater and I make my living online as a full time internet marketer. My daily income 100 percent relies on having a good web host — not just good – but great.

With over six years experience using web hosting companies online I know from personal experience which hosting plans are right for you personal and business needs.

It’s a smart move on your part looking for a cheap webhosting review to help you make the right choice for your personal needs. I’ll do my best to assist you every step of the way.

Let’s get started.

Due to the range of sites that I own I actually use five web hosting companies and I’ll discuss them below.

Cheap Webhosting – What You Need To Know

When I first started online in 2005 I chose Dreamhost to be my hosting provider of choice.

To this day I find their control panel the easiest to navigate and work with. I just really like it. I also have found it super easy to set up databases for blogs through Dreamhost and creating mysql databases.

What appealed to me about Dreamhost hosting in 2005 was the fact that its employees were all part owners in the company. I thought that was a fantastic concept because I assumed if their livelihoods all relied on the hosting being top notch then you’d also get top notch support. has been providing cheap webhosting services for an incredible 12 years now.

They’re my first web hosting company I’ve ever used and I’m still with them now.

Dreamhost is also carbon neutral. It’s a green host and something to be proud of.

If you’re after a Dreamhost promo coupon I’ve got one for you right here.

To find out more about Dreamhost just click on the banner below and use my Dreamhost promo coupon


dreamhost webhosting review

The next web host provider I joined was CMH, Cash Money Hosting. It’s not as well known as many of the other hosting companies you will hear about but it was set up by a fellow internet marketer who I respected and I’ve enjoyed my hosting experience with them.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Cash Money Hosting click here.

Cheap Webhosting – Getting Started

The next hosting service that I joined was Igame casino no deposit casino blog 24ghz.

Hostgator is one of the most popular web hosting providers online and they have top notch support.

If you’re after a Hostgator coupon you’ve come to the right place.

You can get started for just 1 penny for your first month by clicking on the link below and using the Hostgator coupon code “1cent”

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I in fact now have THREE hostgator accounts due to having so many domains.

One of the things I love about Hostgator is their support, they have great live chat facilities and have 100s of operators to take your message so the wait can be minimal.

As my online business continued to expand I decided to get a new host for just one domain that was very vital to my online income and I chose Bluehost for that purpose and it runs around the clock without a hitch.

You can find out more about Bluehost here.

I recently purchased what I considered to be a very important website, aged domain, good page rank etc and I decided to put it on its OWN HOSTING.

For that purpose I chose Just Host.

I’ve got to say that I am VERY impressed with Just Host because they have some really great features that you can add on after joining their web hosting package.

These account upgrades include:

Search Engine Submission
Domain Privacy
JustHost Directory
Daily Backup (grabbed this one)
Priority Support (grabbed this one)
Improve Your SEO
Shell Access (grabbed this one)
Private SSL Certificate
Dedicated Ip
Website Marketing Success Kit

Hint: I actually skipped buying these when I joined initially and then got an email with a link for 50 percent off so I suggest you do the same.

Once again, I am very very impressed with Just Host.

They really have a finger on the pulse and their addons are truly fantastic.

Click Here To Find Out More About Just Host

I highly recommend any of the hosting providers that I personally use and share with you in my cheap webhosting review.

This is the best information I can provide to you about cheap webshosting – I know you’re anxious to get the best web hosting so click on the link to read the Blackjack karten zahlen moglich I personally use and recommend.

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Before we can begin to explain the reseller web hosting scenario, we should first visit probably the most used web hosting solution available on the market, shared web hosting. Most that are new to the web plan arena don’t realize that the cheap packages that are advertised for $10 and under are normally running in a “shared” environment. So, what is this sharing all about? Well, basically, several users are sharing the hardware and resources – basically many clients (unknown to each other) are running on the same server.

If you thought that when you purchased a hosting plan that you were on your own server, think again. It’s simply more economical for hosting providers to have client shared services and hardware. And, usually this doesn’t run into any particular problems. Every once in a while, one of the clients may goof up a script and optimize the servers resources for an extended amount of time – causing obvious “lag” issues for the other clients also using that server. But, the top web hosting providers have monitoring tools that can easily sense this and quickly bring the notorious script to a halt. Believe me, it’s happened to me a few times, albeit totally unintentionally.

So, again, shared web hosting isn’t that bad for the personal website, perhaps a low trafficked blog or something small. But, for a business website, especially if your main focus is selling products online, a dedicated web server (yes, it is entirely your server as the name indicates) is the only way to go.

With a dedicated server, your web pages will be much more responsive to your future web visitors and you need not worry about other business owners (or small personal website owners) optimizing your resources. You are, for the most part, in full control. Monitoring the web servers performance is still needed (as with any hosting plan), but whatever resources are dominated, you are responsible.

Okay, so, let us take the dedicated web server one step further. Let us create a scenario whereas you purchase a large web hosting package for your small, medium or large business and find that your site is barely hitting the minimums for resource optimization. You still gain the benefits of control over the server services, but also have the ability to lease out some resources to other businesses and “resell” the web hosting. You could have a $75 reseller web hosting plan and lease a small portion to each of your 5-10 clients and thereby have your entire web hosting bill paid for. Additionally, you could buy larger reseller packages and (after little marketing & promotion) resell 100% of the resources and make a nice little profit each month.

Yes, with the reseller web hosting, there are a few questions you need to respond to from time to time, but most of the responsibility is handed by Your hosting provider. You simply only need to enter the server control panel and setup the new accounts. Then, your work is done. Basically, you are selling virtual real estate.

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Domain Name Privacy – Do You Need It?


casinos in canada near niagara fallsWhen you register a domain name, some of the top registrars will offer you a privacy option for an annual fee. This can be a valuable option for you, depending upon your circumstances.

In order to decide if you need this domain name privacy option, let’s back up a little bit and learn why it’s offered in the first place.

Domain Name Privacy – What You Need To Know

Public Database

The Whois database contains information about every domain name that is registered. It’s publicly available, so any information you have included when you register a domain name is readily available. It includes the creation and expiration of the domain name, along with the name and contact information of the person who registered it. The information must be correct, or the owner of the domain name can lost the registration. This is a requirement of ICANN (Internet Corporate of Assigned Names and Numbers).

Privacy Concerns

Public registration of this nature means the entire world has access to your name, address, phone number, and email address. If you have a store or office location, and this is what you have used for registration, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. You may still want to set up a separate email for domain registration to protect your main email, since spammers us the database to mine email addresses.

However, if you are using your name along with a home address and phone number, this could be a serious privacy issue for you and your family. Again, the Whois database is available to the entire world and is easily accessed, yet most of us like to maintain a certain modicum of privacy when it comes to the Internet. Fortunately there is a work-around for this situation.

Keeping Your Personal Information Private

Some domain name registrars allow customers to set up an account with an affiliated privacy service for a small annual fee. This account contains all your private information; however, the Whois Database contains the information of the privacy service company instead of yours. Never fear, if someone wants to buy your domain name for a huge amount of money, the privacy company will forward the email to you!

Domain Name Privacy – Getting Started

As a safeguard for yourself and your family, the $10 or so annual fee is well worth the investment. When you register with a cheap domain name registrar who offers this service you’ve got the best of both worlds – a reasonably priced registration fee along with personal privacy.

This is the best information I can provide to you about domain name privacy – I know you’re anxious to get the best web hosting so click on the link to read the uk saga I personally use and recommend.

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Domain Names – Best Practices Guide About Domain Names

15x10 slotsDomain names are the first step in implementing your Internet marketing business plan. Domain name represents your brand. Many people know very well the importance of brand in the “offline” but even those can make mistakes in their Internet brand management. Domain name is the first step in successful Internet brand management.

Domain Names – What You Need To Know

Choosing a domain name

It is not easy to register a good domain name (especially dot com), these days. According to domain name statistics on the most popular web site for whois searches Whois Source there are more than 57 million active generic top level domains registered as of September, 2005. Majority of these domain names are .com names. You can view this statistics if you visit

It is sure that you can’t register a classy one-word domain name but with a little knowledge and appropriate services you can find a decent one, especially if you are not interested only in .com names. Useful site for finding decent domains is above mentioned Whois Source – There you will find a free service that will give you 20 domain suggestions based on your keyword. Also, on the Internet you can find software that focus on domain names. Using free software Domain Name Analyzer you can make a list of domain names and this software will check availability of all included domains so you won’t have to check one-by-one which is time-consuming. Also this program will give you useful suggestions.

Another useful thing in find decent domain names is using expired domain name or back-ordering services. Using the first service you will get the list of expired domain names where you can find some really nice names with a little luck. However, it is not easy because many people use those services and some companies have special infrastructure that check availability of certain domain names every second and register them. You will have better chance to get your desired domain using back-ordering services. These services will monitor for domains you want to register and once they expire they will make register them on your behalf. Popular services are and

It is recommended that your domain name be short, catchy, brandable and most important – easy to remember! You can register a domain name that has no obvious connections with your business but that is cool. Then you will have to invest more money in branding. With good domain name you will save thousand and thousand dollars in advertising, especially in TV advertising. If you are an email marketer domains are also very important because getting email subscribers without well designed web site is not recommended. It is recommended that the name of your domain be the same like your email newsletter name. You can make “teaser” articles in your email newsletter so that your readers will have to visit your web site in order to read complete articles and vice-versa. You can put “teaser” articles on your web site and require that people subscribe to your email newsletter to read complete articles.

Domain Names – Getting Started

Also, in order to find out popularity of certain keyword combinations you can use keyword suggestion services. We can recommend you these services:

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Keyword Suggestion Tool

You can use Google, enter your keyword combination and see how much results you will get.

If you are in process of registering a domain name we can suggest you these two great companies:

Go Daddy –

Namecheap –

Internet brand management

We will take our company Infacta, Ltd. as an example. Infacta is Ireland-based company so it is logical that we registered However, although we are Ireland-based company we focus globally. This can prove the fact that we have clients in more than 130 countries world-wide. So, it is also logical that we have a domain name in .com extension, too. Dot com domain name is considered as a global domain name for companies. Many people think that it is enough to have 2 domain names. For successful Internet brand management it is not enough. Beside, .ie and .com domains, Infacta owns domains in all major generic top level domain extensions (gtld) like .net, .org and .info. This is to prevent people or companies to use other Infacta name in other extensions that can confuse our customers and make harm to our brand. Beside that, we registered domain names for our products GroupMail and GroupMetrics in different domain extensions. Other famous companies have literally hundred and even thousand domains in their portfolio for each country where they have a presence and for their services. That is called a professional brand management.

There is also one more thing that can show how serious one company is regarding their domain names and Internet presence, in general. That is domain expiration date. Domain names expire. After that (preferably before that) date domain owners have to renew them. When you make whois inquiry about certain domain name, for example at , beside registrant info you will see an expiration date. Imagine that you want to see an expiration date of your email marketing software company and you see that the expiration date is the next year or even this year. This doesn’t sound promising if you want a reliable business partner that will be in the business in the next 10 years, too, that you can count on. It is not only important because of whois searches and credibility, it is important because of search engines. Google gives better placement for companies that have domains registered for longer period. It is a sure indicator that it is a stable business and that they won’t go anywhere. Infacta domain name expires in 2011.

There are some services that can help you in Internet brand management, to monitor that someone else is not using your trademarked names. One of those companies that offer brand monitoring services is NameProtect, Inc. at Also, it is highly recommended that before you register your domain name to visit to check if your name that you want to register has been trademarked to avoid possible problem and law suits later. USPTO is official web site of the United States Government for patents and trademarks. Here you can also register your patent, trademark or service mark.

If your company’s name has a good, generic name and you want to register a domain, it is most likely that the .com domain will be taken. Sometimes, it is good choice to buy it from the actual owner. Also, you can buy domain names that are highly connected with your products and services and that will help you in Internet marketing.

The most popular web sites for buying/selling domain names are:

Sedo –

Great Domains – []

Afternic –

This is the best information I can provide to you about domain names – I know you’re anxious to get the best web hosting so click on the link to read the uk saga I personally use and recommend.

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Domain Names – Are You Aware of This?

Are you considering purchasing a domain name? Are you aware of domain names scams? Consider this because countless individuals have lost and still others continue losing money believing they’re going to purchase a good domain name. Admittedly, bogus domain name companies are there only to rip-off people their money.

Domain Names – What You Need To Know

The two primary techniques a domain name company uses for conning people involves either selling a domain for an escalated price or never giving ownership of the name once a buyer buys it. The cost of a domain name varies but if you note that the price has been exaggerated so much then probably that is one of the signs of the domain name scams.

Always remain vigilant so as to avoid domain name scams. Having said that, in cases where a domain name company is unethical, it will not provide services associated with domains. It is true that unethical domain name registrars do not provide crucial domain name services that clients require. Such services include private domain name registration, domain name forwarding and masking and other supporting services etc.

Domain Names – Getting Started

What To Do About Domain Name Scams

What should you do if you get deceived by domain name scams? Well, if you get deceived and find that you have spend money in paying for a domain name that is never delivered, it’s possible that you might not have any options to get your money back.

If the domain name reseller is well known, then you can claim a refund or get the ownership of that domain name by filing a grievance with the Internet Crime Center. This organization is not only related with the FBI but also with NW3C.

If the Internet Crime Center believes that a domain name registrar company or domain name reseller is deceiving clients or it has behaved in a fraudulent manner, they can contact the two organizations to see the defaulting company is made accountable.

The other option you have is by airing your grievances to Better Business Bureau (BBB). This organization has got no much governmental or legal connection as with the case of Internet Crime Center but it has a lot of powers. It has such powers because many people use it before doing business with a company. By you just filing a complaint with them regarding the defaulting domain name company you save others from being deceived by it.

Note that these are not the only ways you can use, there are other ways.

This is the best information I can provide to you about domain names – I know you’re anxious to get the best web hosting so click on the link to read the uk saga I personally use and recommend.

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Choosing A Domain Name – 5 Must Follow Tips


File aid mvs online reference manualChoosing a domain name can be a daunting task, especially when your brand spanking new to online marketing. By brainstorming a bit and following my must follow tips in this article. You will be well on your way to acquiring a brandable piece of internet real estate that can payout the big bucks for years to come.

Choosing A Domain Name – What You Need To Know

Use High Traffic Keywords

Buying a domain without doing your research first can cost you big time. Using the free Google Keyword tool will get you going in the right direction. Just do some searches, you want your site to rank for and make sure these keywords are inside your domain name. The potential traffic for a keyword rich domain can be substantial in the long run.

Only Use.COM Extensions

To be taking seriously by the search engines and by potential visitors, get domain. Now is not the time to go cheap with extension. If you absolutely insist on breaking this battle tested rule, you can get by with a.Net or.Org extension without too much risk to potential traffic.

Refuse To Use Hyphens and Numbers

Both hyphens and numbers make it challenging for first time visitors to remember your site. Even worse, SEO experts and even Google have stated that domains with excessive hyphens are red flags for SPAM sites.

The other downside of using these domain buying no-no’s is you risk the chance of handing your hard earned traffic building efforts to site’s with similar domain names. It’s best to avoid these business blunders at all costs.

The Loot Is In The Length

Chances are you have heard that long tail keywords are easy to rank for. Without question, this is rock solid internet wisdom. The truth is, the longer the domain, the harder it is to be remembered by your visitor’s. Having a domain name that is short, easy to remember, and can be quickly typed, tends to generate the most traffic online.

Buy Old Domains

Buying old or expiring domains is the ultimate short-cut to success. Older domains have more SEO value in term of ranking in the search engines. The other bonus to buying old or expiring domains is, sometimes the previous owner has already generated hundreds of backlinks to the domain. This gives you a jump start on making your site the destination of choice for your hungry money spending market.

Choosing A Domain Name – Getting Started

Choosing a domain name should be a simple process. Just don’t lose sleep over coming up with the perfect name, you won’t make a single thin dime online in research mode. Find a keyword that matches your market and hit the add to cart button at your favorite registrar before someone else does.

This is the best information I can provide to you about choosing a domain name – I know you’re anxious to get the best web hosting so click on the link to read the uk saga I personally use and recommend.

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Do My Domain Name and Company Name Need to Be the Same?


play online Fruit FiestaYour domain name is an important aspect of your company website. A domain name is the address on the internet where your business can be found, so it is important to make your domain name suitable for your business.

In Internet parlance, a domain name is also known as a URL or Uniform Resource Locator. Typically, a domain name will look like this: (at the beginning of the domain is normally www.)

Domain Name – What You Need To Know

Getting a domain name means that you are eligible to commence business online. Having a website means that you are more accessible for your customers, which is important to boost your sales and reputation world wide. It is now becoming expected for businesses to have a domain name and a website.

It is a good idea to have at least a small website in your company name if only to guard its integrity. It’s not enough to just obtain the domain name, as a challenger to the name can point to the fact that it not being used in an attempt to wrestle its ownership from you. Whether you register several other domain names, one for each area of your business, or for each of your ‘brand’ names, is optional, but recommended for the same reason. Grab the names before someone else does.

An important feature of owning a domain name that is the same, or as close as possible, to your company name is the ability to use that domain name as part of your company email address/addresses. This contributes greatly to the professional and business image of your company, projecting it in a credible light.

You should be careful with the choice of a company name (if choosing a new one) and its corresponding domain name. Over the years, legal disputes have arisen out of the use of domain names and company names that are identical to existing registered trademarks or company names.

What’s more, names that could be the subject of an infringement action need not be ones that are locally registered here in Australia. Most world famous names and marks have international protection against intellectual property infringement that may be enforced against anyone in almost every country.

ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) recommends that your choice of a domain name is not identical, similar or confusingly similar to an existing business name, company name, reserved company name or registered trademark.

Domain Name – Getting Started

You can avoid legal conflict by conducting a domain name search on the Internet and a name search on an Australian domain registration website prior to reserving a company name for your business. If, after conducting a thorough search, the proposed name for your company is free for use, then go ahead and apply for it as your company name.

Should you have an existing business and find that its name has already been used by someone else for their website, it will be necessary to look for an alternative that either modifies the business name, or successfully interprets the nature of your business.

There are a number of providers on the Internet who offer domain name registration services for a fee. Sign up with any one of these providers and make sure that you renew your domain name registration regularly so as not to lose your rights over it. Once you register your domain name, no one else can hold or use the same Internet address simultaneously.

This is the best information I can provide to you about domain name – I know you’re anxious to get the best web hosting so click on the link to read the uk saga I personally use and recommend.